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See the most flamboyant natural wonder since the flamingo was first invented. This tour will take you away from the city lights so that you can observe this astonishing atmospheric effect without distraction.
The ghostly light shadows of high energy solar rays as they pound the upper atmosphere sound pretty scary; but from down here they look like peace, happiness, wonder and wellbeing rolled into one. And in many ways they are; because without the upper atmosphere neutralising them beautifully, they would probably kill us!
The energy involved in the northern lights is truly cosmic; but despite this, they are often quite shy. And that’s where our guided northern lights tours come in. You see, our expert and passionate guides not only have detailed and accurate cloud forecasts to hand – but also a wealth of experience helping people to see the lights when others assume they’re simply not out to play.
Of course it’s impossible to guarantee a sighting – and that’s why you’re invited to take the tour again for free if you fail to see the northern lights the first time round. 
It’s hard to describe the northern lights in words. They’re usually green, but can also be pink, purple, red, white – you name it. Sometimes the northern lights look like glowing wispy clouds, majestic and eerie; while other times they dance across the sky like feathered rattlesnakes dancing the flamenco with scarves on. Wow, actually it’s not hard describing them in words at all! 
But why does Iceland have them? That’s a good question. It is simply because as the solar winds hit the earth, our planet’s magnetic field pushes the charged particles to the far north and south, where they glow in a halo-like ring for all to see. 
Departures: 1 Sep – 15 Oct and 15 Mar - 15 April 22.00, 16. Oct - 14 Mar: 21.00
Hotel pick-up: 30 minutes prior to departure
Duration: 3-5 hours
Level of difficulty: Easy
Included: Coach, guide
Not included: Warm clothing, refreshments

Minimum age: None

Northern lights
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